Features Added in Version 9

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Features Added in Version 9


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The following features were added in Version 9 of PDF-Tools:


Version 9.0.350.0


Added the 'Import as Layer Overlay' tool/action, which overlays a destination PDF document with a selected source PDF document, as detailed here.

Added the 'Find by Regular Expression' action, which enables the identification of values in document text using regular expressions, as detailed here.

Added the 'Create PDF Portfolio' tool/action, which enables the creation of PDF portfolios files, as detailed here.

Added the 'Rasterize Pages' tool/action, which rasterizes document pages, as detailed here.

Added the 'Recompress Images' tool/action, which recompresses images in documents, as detailed here.

Added new Group Policy options: 'Hide hint about using Enhanced OCR for users.' and 'Hide warning about activation the license for a user'.

Added a 'Preserve original timestamp for file' option for the Save Documents action.

Added 'Append existing document' as an overwrite action option in the Save Documents and Change Document Properties actions.


Version 9.0.352.0


Updated the 'Add Digital Signature' action, which is now called the 'Sign Document' action and can sign existing signature fields or skip documents that do not require a signature.


Version 9.0.353.0


Added the group policy 'Do not show Tool Report by default', which allows the Tool Report to be hidden by default.

Added a 'Force making report pane visible' option that makes it possible to force Tool Report visibility.

Added a 'Task bar progress' tool that allows users to control processing progress when the main window is minimized.


Version 9.1.355.0


Added a 'Keep folder structure' option for the 'Create PDF Portfolio' action.

Added a 'Choose portfolio cover' option for the 'Create PDF Portfolio' action.

Added 'Play sound when tool processing ends', 'Make application icon flash in taskbar when tool processing ends', and 'Minimize application to tray' application options, as detailed here.

Added a 'Filename for generated files' option for the 'Split/Merge Documents' action that enables the specification of macros in order to generate file names for output files.

Added functionality to pass folder paths in "Files list" files for the Choose Input Files action.


Version 9.2.357.0


Added a new 'use per monitor resolution' mode that provides the correct UI appearance for any resolution used in multi-monitor configurations.

Added 'Merge all to one CSV' and 'Append existing document' options for the Export Form Data action.

Added 'Text Encoding', 'New Paragraph Mode', and 'File Place Mode' options to the Create PDF from Text action.

Added links to online help for tools and actions from various locations in the user interface.

Added the possibility to export, import and reset Folder Monitors during 'Export/Import/Reset Settings' commands.