- A -


Accessibility Preferences

Add a Place

Add Barcodes to Documents

Add Buttons to Documents

Add Check Boxes to Documents

Add Date Fields to Documents

Add Digital Signature Fields to Documents

Add Dropdown Menus to Documents

Add List Boxes to Documents

Add Radion Buttons to Documents

Add Text Fields to Documents

Add Text to Bookmark Titles

Add Text Tool

Add/Edit Content

Adding Dynamic Elements to Stamps

Annotations Guide

AnnotationText Editing Options

Appendix for Editor

Area Tool

Arrange Tab

Arrow Tool

IconLine Tool
IconArrow Tool

Attachments Pane

- B -


Bates Numbering

Blend Mode

Booklet Layout

Bookmark Every Nth Page

Bookmark Properties

Bookmarks Guide

Bookmarks in Editor

Bookmarks Tab

Build Table of Contents

- C -

Callout Tool

Change Bookmark Case

Check for Updates

Cloud Tool

Color Management Preferences

Combine Files Into A Single PDF

Command Line Options

Comment Styles Palette

Comment Tab

Commenting Preferences

Comments Pane

Content Editing Tools

Content Pane


Convert from PDF Preferences

Convert Named Destinations to Regular Destinations

Convert Tab

Convert to Named Destinations

Convert to PDF Preferences

Create Documents

Create Link

Create Multiple Copies of Form Fields

Create Ribbon Tabs

Crop Pages in Editor

Custom Forms Settings

Customize the Workspace

Customize Toolbars

Customize UI Preferences

- D -

Delete Pages

Digital Signatures

Distance Tool

Document Info

Document Info Bar Preferences

Document Operations Guide

Document Properties

Documents Preferences


Duplicate Form Fields

Duplicate Pages

- E -

Edit Content Tool

Edit Documents

Edit Form

Editing Document Pages

Editing Panes Guide

Eraser Tool

Execute a Command

Explore the User Interface


Export Bookmarks to HTML

Export Bookmarks to Text File

Export Comments

Export to BMP

Export to DCX

Export to GIF

Export to JBIG2

Export to JPEG

Export to JPEG2000

Export to Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

Export to PBM

Export to PCX

Export to PGM

Export to PNG

Export to PPM

Export to TGA

Export to TIFF

Export to WBMP

Extract Pages in Editor

- F -

Features Overview in Editor

Features Overview in Lite

Fields Pane

File Associations Preferences

File Attachment Tool

File Separator

File Tab


Find and Replace Bookmark Text

Fit Box by Text Content

Flatten Comments

Font Embedding Options

Font Settings

Form Tab

Format Tab

Forms Context Menu

Forms Guide

Forms Preferences

From Image Files

From Rich Text Format

From Scanner

From Text Files

Full Screen Preferences

- G -

General Preferences

Generate Bookmarks from Page Text

Generate Bookmarks from Table of Contents

Generate Bookmarks from Text File

Go To a Page in an Embedded Document

Go To a Page in Another Document

Go To a Page in the Document

Go To Options

- H -

Header and Footer


Help Tab

Highlight Form Fields

Highlight Text Tool

Home Page

Home Tab

- I -

Identity Preferences


Image Compression

Image Labels

Image Post-Processing

Image Processing

Images Layout Options

Import Comments

Initial View



- J -


Javascript Preferences

- K -

Keyboard Shortcuts

- L -

Language Settings

Languages Preferences in Editor

Launch Applications Preferences

Layers Pane

License Key


Line Tool

IconLine Tool
IconArrow Tool

- M -


Macros in Editor

Main Window

Manage Form Data

Measurement Preferences

Measuring Tools

Miscellaneous Document Operations

Move Pages

Multiple Pages per Sheet

- N -

Named Destinations Pane

Navigate the Workspace

New Document

New Document from Selection

New Page Options

New Stamp from Selection

Number Pages

- O -

OCR Pages in Editor


Open a File

Open a Web Link

Open Documents

Operations Guide

Organize Tab

Oval Tool

- P -

Page Boxes

Page Display Preferences

Page Range Settings

Page Text Preferences

Page Transitions

Panes Layout

Paper Settings

PDF Saver

Pencil Tool

Performance Preferences

Perimeter Tool

Play a Sound

Plugins Preferences

Polygon Line Tool

Polygon Tool




Protect Tab

- R -

Read an Article

Read Out Loud Feature

Recent Files

Rectangle Tool


Registration Preferences

Replace Pages

Report a Problem

Reset a Form

Reset Form

Resize Pages in Editor

Resulting Appearance

Review Tab

Rotate Pages in Editor

Run a JavaScript

- S -

Save As Optimized

Save Documents

Save Options

Save Settings

Scanner Presets Preferences

Scanner Settings in Editor


Search Providers Preferences

Security Preferences

Select Comments

Send Mail Preferences


Set Scale


Settings Options



Shell Extensions

Show Comments

Show Comments List

Show/Hide a Field

Signatures and Initials

Signatures Pane

Signatures Preferences

Snapshot Tool Preferences

Sort Bookmarks

Sound Tool

Speech Preferences

Spell Check

Split Document

Split Pages

Stamp Tool

Stamps Palette

Standard Layout

Sticky Note Tool

Strikeout Text Tool

Submit a Form

Summarize Comments

Support Forum

Swap Pages

Switches for EXE Installers

Switches for MSI Installers

System Requirements

- T -

Tab Order of Forms

Tabs Guide

Text Box Tool

Text Format

Text Matching Options


Title Formatting

Tool Content Options

Tool Properties

Tools Preferences


Typewriter Tool

- U -

Underline Text Tool

Update Preferences

- V -

Validate Bookmarks

View Tab

- W -

Watermarks in Editor


With Blank Pages

Workspace Guide

- X -

XMP Metadata

- Z -

Zoom In/Out Tool