Miscellaneous Document Operations

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Miscellaneous Document Operations


editor.icon Miscellaneous Document Operations



There are multiple further options that relate to document-level operations within PDF-XChange Editor. See below for instructions on how to:


hmtoggle_arrow1Add JavaScript to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Check for Product Updates


hmtoggle_arrow1Close All Active Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Close Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Documents to a Different Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Named Destinations into Regular Destinations


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Text into Named Destinations


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Named Destinations


hmtoggle_arrow1Create JavaScript Links


hmtoggle_arrow1Delete JavaScript


hmtoggle_arrow1Duplicate Document Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Edit JavaScript


hmtoggle_arrow1Email Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Enable/Disable Stroke Adjust


hmtoggle_arrow1Enhance Scanned Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Export Selected Content to a New PDF Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Export Selected Content to a New Stamp


hmtoggle_arrow1Export Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Find Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Import Saved Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Images Into a Snapshot Area


hmtoggle_arrow1Launch the JavaScript Console


hmtoggle_arrow1Merge Document Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Print Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Print Snapshots


hmtoggle_arrow1Print the Current View


hmtoggle_arrow1Replace Document Images


hmtoggle_arrow1Reset Document Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Revert Documents to Original State


hmtoggle_arrow1Save Document Images


hmtoggle_arrow1Search for Text in Documents/Folders


hmtoggle_arrow1Swap Document Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Take Document Snapshots


hmtoggle_arrow1Transform the Current Selection


hmtoggle_arrow1Utilize Sessions


hmtoggle_arrow1View Document Font Details