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Bookmarks Guide


editor.icon Bookmarks Guide



PDF-XChange Editor features several operations that assist in the creation and manipulation of bookmarks. Bookmarks provide a useful method of designating and navigating to important document locations. Click the links below for instructions on how to:


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Text to Bookmark Titles


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Bookmarks


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Bookmarks by Page Number


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Bookmarks From a Table of Contents


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Bookmarks From Page Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Create Bookmarks From Text Files


hmtoggle_arrow1Edit the Case of Bookmark Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Export Bookmarks to HTML Files


hmtoggle_arrow1Export Boomarks to Text Files


hmtoggle_arrow1Find and Replace Bookmark Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Sort Bookmarks


hmtoggle_arrow1Use Bookmarks to Create a Table of Contents


hmtoggle_arrow1Validate Bookmarks


Additionally, several of the Keyboard Shortcuts relate to the creation and editing of bookmarks.