Features Added in V9

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Features Added in V9


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The following features were added in version 9 of PDF-XChange Editor:


Version 9.0.350.0


Functionality added to enable the specification of a default layer when placing comments and content, as detailed here.

Layers view updated to show the 'default layer' and 'set as default layer' commands.

Added the ability to drag and drop content and comments into the Layers pane.

Added functionality that enables the reordering of documents in several dialog boxes.

'Crop to white margins' functionality, as detailed here.

'Split document by size' feature, as detailed here.

Added the option to specify the on-screen/printed visibility for new watermarks, as detailed here.

Added the ability to normalize the media box offset when cropping and resizing pages, as detailed here.

'Split pages by guide lines' functionality, as detailed here.

Option added to retain resized dialog box sizes between sessions.

Separate commands are now available to specify the 'Locked' and 'Printable' property for comments.

Updated 'Markdown to PDF' functionality, which now has similar functionality to the 'Combine Documents' feature.

Updated 'Export to Word/Excel/Powerpoint' features, which now have advanced dialog box options, as detailed here.

New macros available in the Bookmarks dialog boxes.

A range of new features for layers, as detailed here.

Import as Layer and Overlay Pages features added to the software.

Functionality added that can be used to export/import links from external files.

Improved page range, page destination and choose file controls in the UI.

Recompress Images feature added to the software.

Text list formatting options when adding/editing base content text now available, as detailed here.

General improvements in PDF text-editing, including the ability to make soft returns and improved support for RTL (right-to-left) text.

Improved Insert Pages feature, which now has the options to 'insert current page' and invert the page range order.

Accessibility functionality added to the software, including the ability to create and modify the tag structure in documents and perform 'Accessibility Checks.'

Functionality that enables the use of custom fonts to create signatures and initials, as detailed here.

Features that enable the creation and rendering of 3D comments and measurements.

UI-automation support for both document content and the user interface.


Version 9.0.351.0


Added options to control table detection during page text collection in OCR.

Added an option for the Enhanced OCR to draw table lines.

Added license key command line options to the XCVault utility.


Version 9.0.352.0


Added an option to to the JavaScript engine to manage Global object security policies.

Added new 3D measurements for 3D content.


Version 9.0.353.0


Added the 'BatesValue' macro, which uses the Bates Numbering value of pages as its output value.

Added functionality to export selected comments in the Comments pane.

Implemented DocuSign integration that facilitates the creation of DocuSign envelopes and signing of documents via DocuSign in the PDF-XChange Editor user interface.

Added functionality to specify underlines in the Build Table of Contents feature.

Unified the 'Convert to Measurement' commands and added Polygon annotation support.

Added a 'Clear Measurement' command that enables the conversion from distance, perimeter and area annotations to line, polyline and polygon annotations.

Added the ability to export and import guide lines. It is also now possible to select multiple guide lines, and view/edit guide line properties, as detailed here.

Added right-to-left support for the 'copy text style' feature.

Added bold simulation for some fonts (such as Batang and Dotum).

Multithreading added to the enhanced OCR engine, significantly improving its performance.

Added an option to keep the current page layout and zoom settings when switching to/from Full Screen mode.

Added functionality to replace fonts in text content items, comments and form fields, as detailed here.

Improved Find and Redact feature: functionality added to find and redact document objects such as comments, fields, document info and XMP metadata.

Improved Sanitize Document feature: added options that enable the specification of the content of remove from documents.

ARM64 improvements: enhanced OCR engine is available, and shell extensions (PDF document info and preview) are supported in both native and x86 (emulated) applications.


Version 9.1.355.0


Added an option that enables the renaming of form fields in cases where dragging and dropping thumbnails results in duplicated field names.

Implemented functionality to shrink page content in Headers and Footers and Bates Numbering features.

Added an option that enables the editing of all instances of a document image at the same time.

Added an option to convert line, polygon, and polyline annotations to corresponding measurement annotations and vice versa.

Added support of bookmarks and internal links during XPS to PDF conversion. Note that this also affects conversion from MS Office documents to PDF.

Added 'Cross Sections' support in 3D PDFs.

Added initial support for opening documents protected by Microsoft Azure RMS.

Implemented a feature to select layers via user-specified criteria, as detailed here.

Added an option to convert line and distance annotations to polyline annotations, and to convert polyline, polygon, perimeter and area annotations to line annotations.

Added password strength indicator for password edits.

Added links support for form fields.

Added paragraph properties for annotations.

Implemented better right-to-left support for PDF text.

High DPI support: added new 'use per monitor resolution' mode that provides the correct UI appearance for any resolution used in multi-monitor configurations, as detailed here.

Added functionality to resume work with open intranet files when a connection is lost and returns, or when PCs are awakened from hibernation.


Version 9.2.357.0


Font customization for the summarize comments feature, as detailed here.

"Open in PDF-XChange Editor" functionality implemented for the Sharepoint add-in.

"Print All" feature was implemented, which enables the printing of all open documents, as detailed here.

"Print Portfolio" feature was implemented, which enables the printing of PDF portfolio files, as detailed here.

New rendering modes added for 3D Models.

Added functionality that opens and converts to PDF images that are saved in the WebP format.

The user interface was updated and improved, and new themes were made available, as detailed here.

Added functionality that enables the selection of text that is highlighted with highlight comments.

The File Extension macro was added to the software, as detailed here.