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Scan to PDF


cmd.addFromScanner.48 Scan to PDF



The Scan to PDF tool creates PDF documents from scanned material.


This tool uses six actions from the Actions Library. The sequence of these actions in the Tool Actions Sequence determines the order in which they are performed:


1. act.scanToImages.24 Get Images From Scanner - images are sourced from the local scanner. See here for action parameters.

2. act.imagesToPDF.24 Create PDF from Images - a PDF document is created from the images. See here for action parameters

3. act.doc.ocrPages.24 OCR Pages (skipped by default) - optical character recognition is performed on the document. See here for action parameters.

4. Document Properties (skipped by default) - the document properties are changed. See here for action parameters.

5. act.saveDocs.24 Save Documents - the new document is saved. See here for action parameters.

6. act.showFiles.24 Show Files - the new document is displayed. See here for action parameters.


The Clone Tool feature can be used to clone this tool and add/remove actions from the Tool Actions Sequence.