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Pages Actions


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The Pages actions edit and enhance document pages:


act.doc.addBatesNumbering.24 Add Bates Numbering inserts Bates numbering for easy identification and retrieval of document pages.

act.doc.addHeaderAndFooter.24 Add Header and Footer inserts headers and footers into documents.

act.doc.addWatermarks.24 Add Watermarks inserts watermarks into documents.  

act.doc.addBackground.24 Change Pages Background changes document backgrounds.

act.doc.cropPages.24 Crop Pages adjusts document dimensions, white margins and boxes.

11.delete.pages.icon24 Delete Pages deletes specified document pages

11.insert.pages.icon24 Insert Pages inserts pages into documents.

act.doc.ocrPages.24 OCR Pages performs optical character recognition on documents.

Overlay.PDF.Icon.24 Overlay PDF uses files to overlay PDF documents.

act.doc.removeBatesNumbering.24 Remove Bates Numbering removes Bates numbering from documents.

act.doc.removeHeaderAndFooter.24 Remove Headers and Footers removes existing headers and footers from documents.

act.doc.removeBackground.24 Remove Page Background removes custom backgrounds from documents and restores the default background.

act.doc.removeWatermarks.24 Remove Watermarks removes existing watermarks from documents.

11.replace.pages.icon24 Replace Pages replaces document pages.

act.doc.resizePages.24 Resize Pages resizes document pages.

act.doc.rotatePages.24 Rotate Pages rotates document pages.


Please note that these actions are geared towards PDF documents but they are compatible with most industry-standard formats.