Convert to PDF/X

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Convert to PDF/X


11.convert.pdfx.48 Convert to PDF/X



The Convert to PDF/X tool makes documents compliant with the PDF/X format and saves them to a new file. The PDF/X format is used to exchange printing data.


This tool uses four actions from the Actions Library. The sequence of these actions in the Tool Actions Sequence determines the order in which they are performed:


1. act.askForSourceFiles.24 Ask for Source Files - the tool prompts for documents. See here for action parameters.

2. Convert to PDF/X - the documents are converted to PDF/X format. See here for action parameters.

3. act.saveDocs.24 Save Documents - the new documents are saved. See here for action parameters.

4. act.showFiles.24 Show Files - the new documents are displayed. See here for action parameters.


The Clone Tool feature can be used to clone this tool and add/remove actions from the Tool Actions Sequence.