Convert Files to PDF

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Convert Files to PDF


act.filesToPDF.48 Convert Files to PDF



The Convert Files to PDF action converts source files to PDF. The following options are available when it is placed in the Tool Actions Sequence:



Figure 1. Convert Files to PDF Options


The Converters dropdown menu details input formats that have adjustable parameters. Select a format and click Setup to determine adjustable parameters when files of this format are converted into PDF.

This action is intended for use with files that contain both text and images. Use the Create PDF from Text action to create PDF documents from text files and the Create PDF from Images action to create PDF documents from image files.

This action creates a new PDF document from each input file. Use the Split/Merge Documents action to create a single PDF document from multiple input files.

This action must be ordered after the Ask for Source Files action in the Tool Actions Sequence or the tool will not run. A complete list of ordering requirements for actions is available here.

A complete list of supported file formats is available here.

Click Save Changes to save new settings.

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