Computer Name

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Computer Name


Main-Image Computer Name



The Computer Name macro adds the name of the local computer as defined by the Windows Computer Name.


The syntax for this macro is %[Computer]




Follow the steps below to use the Computer Name macro to create a watermark:


1. Click Watermarks in the settings menu, then click Add:



Figure 1. Watermarks Settings Dialog Box, Add Watermark Button Highlighted


The Add/Edit Watermark dialog box will open.


2. Clear the Text text box, then click the macro icon and click Computer Name in the dropdown menu:

Figure 2. Add/Edit Watermark Dialog Box, Computer Name Macro Selected


The %[Computer Name] macro is then added to the text box, and the watermark text updates to name of the local computer:

Figure 3. Add/Edit Watermark Dialog Box, %[Computer] Macro Example