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Editor-Icon Tools



When the Tools tab is selected, the following options are available:

Figure 1. Tools Tab Submenu


Basic Tools - the Hand Tool, Snapshot Tool and Select Text Tool, which perform the most basic operations in the software.

Zoom Tools - the Zoom Tool, Loupe Tool and Pan and Zoom Feature, which assist in editing documents via zoom-related features.

Content Editing Tools - the Edit Content Tool and the Add Text Tool, which facilitate the editing of base content and the creation of document text.

Comment and Markup Tools - the Edit Comments Tool, nineteen tools that enable the creation of document comments/markups, and links to the editing palettes.

Measuring Tools - the Distance, Perimeter and Area Tools, which enable the measurement of document dimensions, and the Calibrate Measurement feature, which is used to calibrate scales to use in conjunction with tools.

Link Tools - the Link Creation Tool, which makes it possible to add dynamic links to documents.