Comments Pane

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Comments Pane


Editor-Icon Comments Pane



Click Comments to open the Comments pane:



Figure 1. View Tab Submenu. Comments


The Comments pane displays a list of comments, annotations and markups in the active document:



Figure 2. Comments Pane


Click comments in the list to move to their location in the active document. Click Options to view comments options:


Click Expand All/Collapse All to expand/collapse groups of comments.

The Grouping options determine the manner in which comments are grouped. Select as desired from the following options:



Modification Date

Creation Date




The Show options determine the information that is displayed with each comment in the Comments pane. The following options are available:







The Show Comments submenu determines the category of comments that are displayed and the display option for pop-ups:

Click Show All Comments to display all comments.

Click Hide All Comments to hide all comments.

Click By Type, By Author, Checked or By Status as desired. Then select an option from the associated submenu.

Click Open/Close All Pop-ups to open/close all popups associated with comments.

Click Show Comments with Hidden Flag to show/hide comments that feature a hidden flag.

Click Deselect to deselect comments currently selected.


Use the icons in the Comments pane toolbar to activate the following functions:


Next/Previous Comment to move to the next/previous comment.

Add Reply to add a reply to selected comments.

Summarize Comments to create a summary of all comments contained in the active document. See here for further information.

Delete to delete selected comments.

Properties to open the Properties Pane for selected comments.