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Edit Documents


editor.icon Edit Documents



PDF-XChange Editor can be used to edit documents in multiple ways. See below for instructions on how to:


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Backgrounds to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Barcodes to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Bates Numbering to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Bates Numbering to Multiple Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Headers and Footers to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Images to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Watermarks to Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Certify Documents and Add an Invisible Signature


hmtoggle_arrow1Certify Documents and Add a Visible Signature


hmtoggle_arrow1Check Document Spelling


hmtoggle_arrow1Clear All Document Signatures


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Documents to Image Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Documents to Microsoft Excel Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Documents to Microsoft Powerpoint Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Convert Documents to Microsoft Word Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Copy and Convert Text into Rich Text Format


hmtoggle_arrow1Create a New Document Window


hmtoggle_arrow1Crop Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Crop Pages Manually


hmtoggle_arrow1Delete Empty Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Delete Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Advanced Document Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Document Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine PDF Portfolio File View Parameters


hmtoggle_arrow1Determine Security Settings


hmtoggle_arrow1Edit Document Info


hmtoggle_arrow1Edit the Base Content of Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Edit Base Content of Documents in an Alternative Application


hmtoggle_arrow1Enable Dynamic Zoom Panes


hmtoggle_arrow1Extract Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Fit Page to Document Window


hmtoggle_arrow1Fit Page Width to Document Window


hmtoggle_arrow1Fit Page Width to Document Window and Exclude White Space


hmtoggle_arrow1Highlight Document Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Empty Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Images as PDF Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Pages From a Different Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert RTF Content Into PDF Files


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Scanned Pages Into PDF Files


hmtoggle_arrow1Insert Text Files into PDF Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Measure Document Areas


hmtoggle_arrow1Measure Document Distances


hmtoggle_arrow1Measure Document Perimeters


hmtoggle_arrow1Move All Open Documents to a Single Tab Group


hmtoggle_arrow1Move the Active Document to a New Horizontal Tab Group


hmtoggle_arrow1Move the Active Document to a New Vertical Tab Group


hmtoggle_arrow1Add Number Ranges to Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1OCR Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Place Signatures in Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Read Selected Text Out Loud


hmtoggle_arrow1Redact Page Content


hmtoggle_arrow1Remove Backgrounds from Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Remove Bates Numbering from Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Remove Cropped Content From Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Remove Headers and Footers from Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Remove Watermarks from Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Reopen Recently Closed Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Reorder Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Replace Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Resize Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Rotate Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Select Document Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Sign Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Split Document Pages


hmtoggle_arrow1Split Document Pages by Guide Lines


hmtoggle_arrow1Split Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Split the Active Document View into Two Horizontal Sections


hmtoggle_arrow1Split the Active Document View into Two Vertical Sections


hmtoggle_arrow1Spreadsheet Split the Active Document


hmtoggle_arrow1Strikeout Document Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Timestamp Documents


hmtoggle_arrow1Underline Document Text


hmtoggle_arrow1Validate Document Signatures


hmtoggle_arrow1Zoom to Actual Document Size


Additionally, see the Forms Guide for further elements that can be added to documents, including check boxes, buttons, digital signatures, dropdown menus, list boxes, radio buttons and text fields.


The Keyboard Shortcuts section contains several useful editing shortcuts.