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PRO SDK Icon Introduction



The PDF-XChange PRO SDK contains three Tracker Software SDK applications:


The Core API contains interfaces that provide access to high-level objects of PDF files, such document, pages, annotations and form fields. The creation of new documents and modification of existing documents is also supported. Additionally, a means to render PDF pages to devices/images is available.

The Drivers API installs a full set of Windows print drivers into host applications and enables the management of output-to-PDF of third party applications such as MS Office, AutoCad and Internet Explorer. The Drivers API is compatible with with all 32/64 bit operating systems from Windows XP and later. It can be used to create amongst the smallest and most reliable PDF facsimiles available worldwide. (Please note that there are some limitations to product support for Windows XP. See here for further information).

The OCR Module enables OCR functionality within products and allows host applications to convert image-based PDF files into fully text-searchable documents whilst retaining the image-based proportions of the original file. A range of additional functions and features are available. See here for further information.


The PDF-XChange PRO SDK is compatible with most Windows development tools, including VB, VB.Net, C#, C/C++, Delphi, WinDev and ASP. It requires only the ocrtools.dll and is not reliant on any other PDF-XChange/Tools Image-XChange SDK components. However, the PDF-XChange components take advantage of the Microsoft© GDI+ for vector printing and this must be installed on operating systems where it is not installed by default. (All Windows prior to Windows XP). The OCR Module is available for Windows 2000 and later - earlier versions of Windows are not supported.


This package includes everything we offer for the creation, viewing and manipulation of PDF files. The products within this bundle are licensed with V7 serial keys and will be updated as new builds are released (as long as they were purchased within the last twelve months, or an alternative maintenance plan is in place). Additionally, please note that each PDF-XChange PRO SDK license includes 100,000 royalty-free end user installations. (Larger distribution packages are available - see here for further information).


Please note:


The PDF-XChange PRO SDK is not a royalty-free tool kit. A fixed amount of licenses are included in each SDK product.

This toolkit must not be used to develop toolkits/components for non-licensed developers.

The license agreements in the installation folder contain all relevant terms and conditions of use. If you are unsure whether your intended use would be in breach of license then please Contact Us for clarification. Our terms of licensing are flexible and we can often tailor them to meet the specific needs of our clientele.

We recommend experimenting with the evaluation version prior to purchase. Evaluation versions are fully functional, but watermarks will be included on output pages. This means that you can develop your applications fully before making a purchase from Tracker Software Products. When a licensed version is purchased all output becomes watermark-free. Our hope is that this can guarantee your satisfaction as we do not offer refunds once a purchase has taken place.


See here for further information about our developer products and a comprehensive list of available applications.




The PDF-XChange PRO SDK contains three Tracker Software SDK applications - information about adding the license key for each product is available at the following locations:


Use IPXC_Inst::Init Method to add your license key for the Core API.

Use IPXCControlEx Object to add your licence key for the Drivers API.

Use OCR_Init to add your license key for the OCR Module.




Our Developer Forums are an excellent resource for troubleshooting.

The Adobe Website is a very useful resource for developers working on PDF-based applications.

Tracker Software Products also provides developer tool kits for creation/manipulation of PDF/raster image files and virtual printer drivers. See here for further information.