Zoom In/Out Tool

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Zoom In/Out Tool


Editor-Icon Zoom In/Out Tool



Click Zoom In/Out Tool to enable this tool:



Figure 1. Tools Tab Submenu, Zoom In/Out Tool


The Zoom In/Out Tool is used to adjust the zoom level. When it is selected the pointer becomes a magnifying glass icon. Click to zoom to the location at which the icon is located. Hold Ctrl and click to zoom out. Alternatively, click and drag the pointer to determine an area. The Zoom In/Out Tool will move the current view to the area specified when the mouse button is released.


When this tool is in operation two options are available in the Properties Toolbar:


Exclusive Mode simplifies the process of using the Zoom In/Out Tool. When Exclusive Mode is enabled, the pointer ignores all interactive elements of documents other than base content. This makes it possible to select areas without the risk of accidentally selecting undesired items. When Exclusive Mode is disabled, the pointer recognizes and interacts with all underlying elements in the usual manner.

Properties opens the Properties pane to view/edit the properties for the Zoom In/Out Tool. Further information on tool properties is available here.