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Welcome to the PDF-XChange Standard 2012 online help system.

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Product Overview

PDF-XChange Standard 2012 (V5)  is the next generation of our best-selling solution for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows application such as MSWord, Excel, AutoCAD, etc. - the list is endless.

PDF-XChange Standard 2012 acts as a virtual printer, but instead of the output going to paper in the conventional manner, it is captured and re-directed to create a fully compatible, text searchable, Adobe compliant PDF file (subject to the source material being selectable – image files remain non text searchable).
Included in the Standard 2012 package is MS Office Integration allowing extra functionality such as maintaining clickable Table Of Contents (TOC), and embedded URL support from Toolbar/Ribbon icons directly within most MS Office applications.

The OFFice2PDF batch convertor allows the conversion of multiple files to PDF from MS Office supported formats such as .doc, .xls, .rtf, .html, .txt, etc.

PDF-XChange Standard 2012 is has been re-engineered with a faster, highly optimized engine, offering improved conversion of images, and image-based text characters.

Our latest product release provides the same high quality PDF files you've come to expect, with further improved quality and smaller file sizes generated directly from MS Office applications.

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