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Hover over Show to view optional parameters that can be shown/hidden within the user interface:

Figure 1. View Tab Submenu. Show


Show Rulers enables/disables rulers along the horizontal and vertical planes in order to facilitate the convenient measurement of elements within the active document. Rulers are displayed in (figure 2).

Show Grid enables/diables a grid behind transparent objects in order to assist in the accurate alignment of text and objects, as can be seen in (figure 2).

Show Guides enables/disables guides, which are used in conjunction with rulers to simplify the process of aligning text and objects. Click and drag from a ruler to launch guides. The guides in (figure 2) are the red lines.

Use the Snap feature to assist in precise document editing.

Show Page Measurement Info enables/disables the display of the current page size and coordinates of the pointer location, which is shown with the Document Options Toolbar on the lower left hand side of the main window. The page measurement info is highlighted in (figure 2).

Show JavaScript Console launches the JavaScript Console pane, which facilitates the addition of JavaScript elements to the active document, as in (figure 3).



Figure 2. Show Options



Figure 3. JavaScript Console


JavaScript is a high-level programming language that can be used to perform a range of operations. See here for an index of existing JavaScript operations that PDF-XChange Editor supports and additional information about JavaScript.


Enter the desired JavaScript into the console.

Click Run (or press Ctrl+Enter) to run JavaScript. Errors in JavaScript will be displayed in the lower window.

Click Clear to remove error messages from the lower window.

Click JS Options to customize JavaScript options. Available options are detailed here.

The keyboard shortcut to launch the JavaScript console is Ctrl+J.

The Link Creation Tool can be used to create links that contain JavaScript, as detailed here.