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Editor-Icon Commenting



When the Commenting tab is selected the following options are available:



Figure 1. Preferences Dialog Box. Commenting Tab Selected


These options determine the settings for comments:


Select the boxes in the Comments Viewing Options section to determine options for displayed comments.

Select the Copy encircled text into Drawing comment pop-ups box as desired. This is intended for use with the shape annotations. If it is selected then the text around which they are created will be automatically posted into the associated pop-up note of the annotation.

Select the Copy selected text into Highlight, Cross-Out, and Underline comment pop-ups box as desired. Text that the Highlight, Strikeout and Underline Text tools are used to annotate will automatically be copied into annotation pop-ups when this option is enabled.

Select the Switch to pencil tool with digitizer box as desired.

Select the Paste Comment into mouse position box to paste copied comments at the position of the pointer.


Click Apply to apply changes and OK to save changes.