Comment Styles Palette

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Comment Styles Palette


Editor-Icon Comment Styles Palette



Click Comment Styles Palette to launch the Comment Styles Palette pane:



Figure 1. Comments Tab Submenu. Comment Styles Palette


The Comment Styles Palette will open:



Figure 2. Comment Styles Palette


This palette details the current styles for comments. The default styles for Drawings, Measurement, Text Boxes, Text Markups and Text Notes are shown in the pane on the left. Select a style to preview it in the central pane. The following options are then available:


Click Clone to clone the selected style. This allows the style to be edited and saved under a new profile for subsequent use. Click the Properties tab to edit the parameters of the clone. Click parameters in the Properties pane to adjust them.

Click Rename to give the cloned style a custom name.

Click Reset to reset the parameters of a cloned style after they have been changed.

Click Delete to delete the selected style.

The properties of the default styles can also be edited using the Properties tab. See here for further information.

Click Set Current to set the selected style selected as the active style.