Comment And Markup Tools

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Comment And Markup Tools


Editor-Icon Comment And Markup Tools



Hover over Comment And Markup Tools to open the following submenu:



Figure 1. Comment and Markup Tools Submenu


These tools are used to mark up, comment and/or annotate documents.

The Commenting section of the Preferences dialog box can be used to view/edit preferences for comments.

See the Annotations Guide for instructions about enabling and using comment and markup tools.

All comment and markup tools are detailed below:


Edit Comments Tool

Sticky Note Tool

Typewriter Tool

Text Box Tool

Callout Tool

Highlight Text Tool

Strikeout Text Tool

Underline Text Tool

Line Tool

Arrow Tool

Rectangle Tool

Oval Tool

Polygon Line Tool

Polygon Tool

Cloud Tool

Stamp Tool

Pencil Tool

Eraser Tool

File Attachment Tool

Sound Tool

Comment Styles Palette

Stamps Palette