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PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK


The PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK is available as a stand alone Developer kit and also included with our PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools SDK's. The PDF-XChange Viewer offers both a Direct DLL method to create simple PDF viewing and Printing within your application or a full ActiveX which allows the use of the full PDF-XChange Viewer within your product. The PDF-XChange Viewer is not a Royalty Free tool kit and a limited number of Licenses are included for end user distribution with your application with the SDK product you purchase, with additional bulk license packs available for a modest cost - see our web site/price lists for more detailed information.

This toolkit as with all our developer kits may not be used to develop Toolkits or Components of any type for use by other non-licensed developers or for use to assist in the creation of Printer driver under the usual license conditions provided. For more information on licensing please read the license agreement and if any doubt as to whether your intended use would be in breach of the license terms please contact us to discuss your needs in more depth as we do offer alternate licensing and will tailor our agreement to meet your needs in most circumstances under different terms of supply.


Support is available direct from our user forums

We recommend that developers use the evaluation download as extensively as possible prior to purchase. The evaluation versions are fully functional with no time out or other crippling mechanism – save that a watermark is stamped on any PDF page generated by the Driver/Library tools – only on purchase will you be provided with the serial number and unlock string required by each component to be passed within your application code (see the demo applications provided) to enable PDF generation without this demo watermark stamp.

By virtually creating your application to the point where you are ready for distribution before you purchase, you are guaranteed satisfaction and we do not disappoint developers asking for refunds once purchased – we do not offer any money back options – so please ensure you are 100% satisfied before you purchase.

Developer's may also find it useful when developing applications for the purpose of creating and manipulating Adobe PDF Formats - to download the documentation relevant to this format from the Adobe web site - at the time of writing this is currently free and may prove useful in explaining in more detail the functionality available.

Tracker Software Products Ltd also provide End User and Developer Tool Kits for the creation and manipulation of PDF and Raster Image files and Virtual Printer Drivers. For more information please visit


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