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IPXCControlEx Object

The IPXCControlEx ActiveX object is used to create a new temporary PDF-XChange printer instance, and returns the IPXCPrinter object, this in turn allows the developer's application to set and control the properties of the newly created printer instance. Once the job is completed the printer instance is destroyed.


Property IPXCControlEx.Printer allows the creation of a new temporary printer based on the PDF-XChange 2012 driver and returns the IPXCPrinter object associated with this printer.



object get_Printer(string pServerName, 
string pPrinterName, 
string pRegKey, 
string pDevCode);


HRESULT get_Printer([in] BSTR pServerName,
[in] BSTR pPrinterName,
[in] BSTR pRegKey,
[in] BSTR pDevCode,
[out, retval] VARIANT* ppPrinter);


Property Printer(pServerName As String, 
pPrinterName As String,
pRegKey As String,
pDevCode As String)



Reserved for future use. Should be a NULL or empty string.


Specifies the desired name for the printer to be created. If a printer of the same name already exists, then to ensure it is uniquely named, the new printer name will have a suffix automatically generated, based on the originally-passed value.


Note: Differences between Licensed and Evaluation use.

The following 2 items are provided as part of your license purchase. If you are evaluating the PDF-XChange Drivers API SDK, all generated output will have evaluation watermarks printed on each page and these cannot be subsequently be removed. Once licensed you must re-compile your project, embedding your license strings provided within your code as outlined above and all new PDF files generated will be free of the evaluation watermarks placed on all evaluation output. All output created in evaluation mode will need to be recreated from the original source documents and materials.


String containing the Developer registration key. If this registration key is not present or is invalid, the PDF-XChange demo label will be added to all PDF pages generated by the printer.


String containing the developer code. If this developer code is not present or is invalid, the PDF-XChange demo label will be added to all PDF pages generated by the printer.

Return value

If successful, the function returns an IPXCPrinter object associated with newly created printer. On failure the function returns a NULL.

Example (VB)

Dim PDFPFactory As New PXCComLib5.CPXCControlEx
Dim WithEvents PDFPrinter As PXCComLib5.CPXCPrinter

Public Sub Form_Load()
Set PDFPrinter = PDFPFactory.Printer("", "PDF-XChange 2012 Sample", "", "");
End Sub

Public Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Set PDFPrinter = Nothing
End Sub

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