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We provide a comprehensive installation executable for developer's to distribute with their application and this is the ONLY method authorized for distribution, re-engineering or disassembly of the installation package provided is specifically and absolutely prohibited. Our installer contains all the required driver options required for all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 through to Windows 7 - and all points in between, both 32 and 64 bit!

Developers may either pack the provided installer within their own installation package - or provide separately and simply call from their own installer script using the extensive command line switches provided below.

The latest PDF-XChange Driver for redistribution purposes is always available from our web site.

Or from this link :

Please note - it is a required that you use the above installer and do not attempt to reverse engineer or de-compile and create your own
- if you are not willing to adhere to this specific condition - you should not use the PDF-XChange Driver within your application.

PDF-XChange Drivers - Silent Installation

This functionality is provided for users with multiple licenses and Developer SDK's
- not for single (end) user licenses to be copied to multiple machines - which is illegal.
A license is required for each machine to which PDF-XChange is installed - except for the Developer's SDK and evaluation use in demonstration mode

Assuming you have a multiple user license - installing PDF-XChange to many workstations
- it may be useful to be able to silently install without the need for any user interaction. This allows you to execute the install either from the command line with certain parameters and switches applied - or create a batch file (.bat file) and distribute this with the main installation executable for your users to run directly alleviating the need for the System Administrator to visit each user and install.

Please note as with any system device - such as a printer, full Administrator privileges are required to install on later 'Win32' versions of Microsoft Windows.

Here is an example of the full command line string available:

Most items are optional unless otherwise stated

C:\PDFX5SA_sm.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS="pdfSaver,PDF-XChange driver, Help,Languagess" /DIR="C:\Program Files\PDF-XChange 5\" "/UserName:I am" "/Organization:Tracker software" "/"

Broken down into sections - these are the switches and what each does.


Note: Please note that the indicated string content must begin and end with double quote marks (")!

MAIN install executable and path (required) This is the full path to the installation executable, note it is the standard install executable - both silent and non silent installations are available from the single executable.


/VERYSILENT Designates that the installation once started should be silent and require no user interaction.
/SILENT Designates that the install should only request essential information from the user once started.
/NORESTART Once the install is complete - no reboot will occur - but beware - PDF-XChange does require a reboot before updates will take effect - not recommended.
/DIR=(required) The full path to install all required files to, created if not already available.

/DIR="C:\Program Files\PDF-XChange\"

/Group=(Optional) The Windows 'Start Menu' folder in which to locate the Menu options provided when installing PDF-XChange - this will always be a 'Child' menu option of the default 'Programs Files' menu and this cannot be changed.

/GROUP="Tracker Software\PDF-XChange 2012"

/COMPONENTS= If this switch is specified only those components actually listed will be installed, otherwise all components are installed. The available components are:

- pdfSaver (Always Required)

- PDF-XChange driver (Always Required)

- Help

- Languagess (please note 'ss' is required)

- Autounload

/COMPONENTS="pdfSaver, PDF-XChange driver, Help,Languagess"

/AutoUnload:nn If this option is specified, after the specified timeout (nn, in minutes) the PDFSaver4 module of the PDF-XChange driver will unload.

Useful when installed on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe server with multiple Users to minimize memory in use when PDF creation is not being used by a user - will automatically reload when required.


(Strictly speaking Autounload is not a component - but a default setting parameter mainly used in Citrix Metaframe or Terminal Services installations to minimize memory use on a server where PDFSaver4.exe could be loaded multiple times.)

/Key (Registration) - only to be used if you are also providing an END USER enabled license - not included as part of your Developers SDK License -EVER Allows the license key to be registered during silent installation - for live use. Without this information PDF-XChange will function in demo mode only.


/UserName Registration Allows the registered username to be registered during silent installation.

Username"/UserName:MY Name"

/Organization Registration Allows the Company details to be registered during silent installation.

"/Organization:Tracker software"

/PDEFAULT= (Optional) Sets PDF-XChange to be the system default Printer - the default option without this entry is that PDF-XChange will not be the default printer.
/PName= (Optional) printer renaming Sets the PDF-XChange printer name as required - the default option without this entry is currently "PDF-XChange 5.0".

/PName="PDF-XChange for my application"

Please note that the string content must begin and end with double quote marks (").

/UserEmail Registration Allows the users email address details to be registered during silent installation.


/Lang Sets a language as the default language for the User Interface for all the installed programs and Print drivers (PDF-XChange, PDF-Tools, OFFice2PDF and the MS Office Addin's etc).

/LANG=language en (English), nl (Dutch), uk (Ukrainian), fr (French), gr (German), it (Italian), sp (Spanish), ko (Korean), ch (Chinese), jp (Japanese), fi (Finnish)

This may not be the complete list - please see the installation folder.

'C:\Program Files\Tracker Software\PDF-XChange 5\Languages' for the up to date list of supported language files.

Example (for German)

PDFX5SA_sm.exe [other parameters] /LANG=gr [Additional parameters]

/DRVwoPRN Installs the printing drivers without a visible “printer”.

Warning! Failure to ensure that special switch characters such as quote marks (") and "/" are included in your command line or batch file, in the correct position - will result in failure to behave as required.

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